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2017 Budget Close Rules Matrix

FY17 UNT Campus Year-End Deadlines

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Budgetary Account Codes (9.2) - current as of 01/27/17

Budgetary Account Codes (9.0)

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Category Tool - To access guide, select link and scroll down to the "Category Tool" section.

Explanations of Commonly Used Funds

Function Mapping for UNT - as of 8/22/17 - This guide will help identify your chartstring's primary function code. Accurate and consistent expense classification is essential to UNT’s ability to measure and benchmark itself against peer institutions, drive cost efficiency, and provide reliable internal and external reporting. The NACUBO function mapping spreadsheet will provide steps on how to find a NACUBO function for your chartstring. The mapping was evaluated as part of a high level review and should utilize the function best suited to follow the nature of the transaction associated with your chartstring.

Information was classified based on the following tabs:

(1) By Org Dept - function based on organizational department,
(2) By Funded From Fees - function based on funding funded from fees,
(3) Function Exp Accts - function based on expenditure account, and
(4) By Chartstring with Actuals - culmination of steps for current chartstrings with FY17 actuals.