Budget Management Documents

The documents listed below contain frequently requested information. 

  1. Valid Fund Category & Fund Combinations - List of valid Fund Category and Fund combinations as well as descriptions of most commonly used funds.

  2. Requisition Category Codes - List of procurement item types and corresponding D-Level Accounts, 5-digit accounts, and workflow routing triggers. (Provided by System Procurement.)

    1. Procurement Resources - Find your departmental Buyer, Req and PO forms, and other procurement job aides
    2. Requisiton Reference Sheet - One page reference guide for completing purchase requisitions accurately

  3. Closing Rules - Closing rules by fund category and fund. Use the table to determine which chartstring balances roll-forward or close at year end.

  4. 9.2 Budgetary Accounts - List of budgetary account codes and roll-ups as of 01/24/2020.

  5. Common Terms - List of commonly used abbreviations and terms.

  6. Common Journal Headers - List of common journal headers and their meanings.

  7. Function Mapping for UNT - Find the function associated with your department or chartstring.

  8. Prorated Expense Calculator

  9. 9.0 Budgetary Accounts - List of budgetary account codes as of 02/29/2016.

  10. Job Codes with D-Level Accounts

  11. Budget Checking Reference Sheet

Chartfield Values & Trees (Courtesy of the System FIT website)

  1. Accounts - Budgetary from KK

  2. Org Department

  3. Fund Category

  4. Fund

  5. Function

  6. Program

  7. Purpose 
    NOTE: Values in the P1110 Athletic Admin & Activities range may only be used by Athletics.

  8. Site

  9. Project

Gifts, Endowments, & Sponsorships

  1. Fund Category and Gift Fund Cheat Sheet

  2. Gifts & Endowments - Fund Category & Fund Chart - Identifies the appropriate Fund Category for each type of endowment or non-endowed gift. Provides an explanation on endowments.

  3. External Sponsorships: Gift vs. Non-Gift Revenue - Identifies when a sponsorship is or isn't considered a gift. Please contact the Office of Advancement at to request a copy of a Gift Processing Form or for questions regarding the appropriate treatment of an external sponsorship.

Cash Handling Controls Documents

  1. Cash Handling Authorization Form - Must be completed annually

    • E-sign in Adobe Acrobat or print

  2. Cash Controls Reference Sheet

  3. Cash Handling Procedures Template and Example

  4. *New* Gift Card Procedure

General Instructions

  1. UNT 3rd Party Payment Setup Instructions - Provides guidance on completing external vendor setup forms including contact information for obtaining a W9 or for assistance with setting up electronic payments. 

Procedural Documents

  1. Procedure for Segregation of Duties
  2. Establishing Auxiliary Enterprises