Budget Management Documents

The documents listed below contain frequently requested information. Each document may be downloaded individually by selecting the corresponding hyperlink. For convenience, documents 1-6 have been combined into a Budget Management Tools workbook. 

  1. Valid Fund Category & Fund Combinations - List of valid Fund Category and Fund combinations as well as descriptions of most commonly used funds.

  2. Requisition Category Codes - List of procurement item types and corresponding D-Level Accounts and 5-digit accounts.

  3. Closing Rules - FY17 closing rules by fund category and fund. Use the table to determine which chartstring balances roll-forward or close at year end.

  4. 9.2 Budgetary Accounts - List of budgetary account codes and roll-ups as of 09/01/2017.

  5. Common Terms - List of commonly used abbreviations and terms.

  6. Common Journal Headers - List of common journal headers and their meanings.  Updated 12/07/2017.

  7. Function Mapping for UNT - Find the function associated with your department or chartstring. Updated 11/03/2017.

  8. Prorated Expense Calculator

  9. 9.0 Budgetary Accounts - List of budgetary account codes as of 02/29/2016.

  10. Fund Category and Gift Fund Cheat Sheet

Cash Handling Controls Documents

  1. Cash Controls Cheat Sheet

  2. Cash Handling Procedures Template and Example

General Instructions

  1. Department Budget Summary Report Instructions

  2. Budget Overview Report Instructions

  3. How to Register for Training - Updated 11.15.17