Thursday, August 4, 2022

Site code 1286 - Inspire/Hall/CHEC

Site code 1315 - Frisco Landing

Please use the site code reflecting the actual location goods are received or services rendered

  • Instructional expenses:

    • Fall 2022:  continue to use 1286 for faculty assigned to Hall/ Inspire/ CHEC, as discussed in the FY23 Academic Rollover Overview meeting with Assistant Vice Provost Brandi Everett

    • Spring 2023 onwards:  Academic Resources and New College will provide detailed instructions on how to transition to 1315 if faculty are assigned to Frisco Landing starting January 2023

  • Goods and services destined for Frisco Landing: materials, e.g. furniture, computers ordered for installation at Frisco Landing, please use 1315 to reflect intended destination. 

    • Similarly, personnel assigned to Frisco Landing, e.g. police officer, asset management, building maintenance personnel , please use the 1315 site code to, proportionately, reflect the estimated dedicated effort