From UNT Policy: 10.048 Asset Management-Property Control:

Each department head/director is responsible for assets purchased under Dept IDs or ProjIDs of their department or organization. Using the Designated Inventory Coordinator Form, the chair/director shall appoint a representative of the department or organization to act as inventory coordinator to assist with the routine upkeep and physical accountability of property. The inventory coordinator is responsible for maintaining an inventory of all personal property within the department or organization and providing information about the inventory to the property manager as required under this policy, property management guidelines, or upon request.

Inventory Coordinator Training

Inventory Coordinator Training can be accessed through the UNT Bridge learning system. Upon registration, you will be prompted to upload a completed Designated Inventory Coordinator Form, which will be routed to Asset Management for approval. Upon completion of the training, you will be granted access to the AM Self-Service portal in EIS, which allows you to view and update your department's inventory. Only one inventory coordinator is appointed for each account, but one individual may be assigned to multiple accounts.

Inventory Coordinator Handbook