Budget Broadcast with the University Budget Office is a bimonthly informational session to notify users of any financial-related changes, enhancements, or updates that could have an impact on a department's budget or on their routine processing. Budget Broadcasts are also a way for our team to connect with those who oversee budgets in their areas at UNT.

Anyone who manages/reconciles budgets should attend. Registration is not required.
Budget Broadcasts will be hosted every two months. Sign up for announcments and UNT Budget News for details or view our Calendar
Past Budget Broadcasts materials
Please note: Links listed in the PowerPoints are not updated after the time of publication. Materials are kept for up to two fiscal years before being archived.
FY 2024
  • Budget Calendar
  • EIS Student Account/Bill Screen Enhancements
  • Marketplace Tips
  • AIS Tools Update
  • State Funding Jargon
  • Facilities Update on work Orders
  • Power BI Implementation
  • Announcements
  • Rescheduled Budget Broadcast June 13th to the 20th
FY 2024
  • Budget Calendar
  • Texas University Fund (TUF)
  • Cognos Reports to Power BI Update
  • IDT Budget Check Functionality
  • Non-Resident Tuition Rate
  • New Budget Office Website
  • Announcements and Reminders

FY 2023

April 2023

  • Student Accounting update
  • FY24 Budget Calendar
  • FY24 Budget - Items of Note
  • Controller's Office updates
  • Announcements and Reminders

February 2023

  • FY24 Budget Items: Revenue actuals, State funding, Learning Support Fee & HEF requests
  • UNT Controller Update
  • UNT System Marketplace update
  • Announcements & Reminders:
    • Open-Lab
    • Budget Broadcast format transition to hybrid

December 2022

  • FY24 Budget Calendar
  • Announcements & Reminders:
    • Asset Management donations
    • Frisco Site Code
    • Open-Lab


October 2022

  • FY23 Budget Items: Rollover, Learning Support fee, HEF, and FY22 Deficit update
  • Endowment Dashboard and endowment expectations
  • Connecting with University Budget Office
  • Announcements & Reminders:
    • Asset Management delayed delivery times
    • Policy updates
    • Frisco Site codes
    • State funds PT employees
    • Open-Lab
    • Budget Analyst transition


FY 2022

August 2022

  • FY23 Budget Update
  • Fiscal Management
  • IBM Cognos Analytics w/ System Budget & Analytics
  • Pcard Year-End Deadline w/ Cory Ward
  • Announcements: Year-End Deadlines and Open Lab

June 2022

  • TX Ramp Review
  • FY23 Budget Update
  • Phase 1: Vendor to Shift Payment via PCard
  • Controller's Office Update
  • Open PO Report
  • Announcements: Open Lab, Location field on Req, Annual Inventory due July 29

April 2022

  • First Friday is now Budget Broadcast
  • FY23 Budget Updates
  • Revised Policies
    • Policy 14.006: Use of University Telecommunication and Personal Computing Devices
    • Policy 10.011: Affiliated Entities
  • Frisco Landing - New Site Code
  • Accounts Payable Update - Net30
  • Strategic Sourcing Team/Spot Bid Fair
  • Announcements
    • FY22 Year-End Close Calendar is posted on Controller's Website
    • Annual Inventory begins Monday, May 2nd
    • Open-Labs will continue in May

February 2022

  • Comments and Questions from this session
  • FY 23 Budget Timeline
  • Payable Update 
  • Concur Updates
  • Controller Update
  • TX-RAMP Overview for UNT
  • Announcements:
    • Telecom Charges
    • OSTF
    • Permanent ABAs
    • Funding Program, Purpose, Sites used in FY22 Planning

December 2021

  • Sponsorships and Transfer Accounts
  • Cognos Refresher
  • Controller's Office Accounting Teams and contacts
  • Announcements & Reminders
    • Merit has been completed on centrally funded chartstrings
    • Budget User Group 

October 2021

  • Fringe Benefits
  • Permanent vs Adjustment ABAs
  • Controller's Office Accounting Teams and contacts
  • Announcements: HEF has been loaded, Roll Forward expected mid-October, Annual Inventory - 100% return (met obiligations to the state)