The most commonly or requested resources are consolidated on this page. Click among the tabs below to find Documents, Forms and Links that will assist with the budgeting process at UNT.

The documents listed below contain frequently requested information. Scroll through the information below or jump to a section by clicking on these links:

Budget Management   Chartfield Values & Trees   Gifts, Endowments & Sponsorships   Cash Handling Controls   General Instructions   Procedural Documents

Budget Management

Valid Fund Category & Fund Combinations- List of valid Fund Category and Fund combinations as well as descriptions of most commonly used funds.

Requisition Category Codes - List of procurement item types and corresponding D-Level Accounts, 5-digit accounts, and workflow routing triggers. (Provided by System Procurement.)

Procurement Resources - Find your departmental Buyer, Req and PO forms, and other procurement job aides

Requisiton Reference Sheet - One page reference guide for completing purchase requisitions accurately

Closing Rules - Closing rules by fund category and fund. Use the table to determine which chartstring balances roll-forward or close at year end.

9.2 Budgetary Accounts - List of budgetary account codes and roll-ups as of 01/24/2020.

Common Terms - List of commonly used abbreviations and terms.

Common Journal Headers - List of common journal headers and their meanings.

Function Mapping for UNT - Find the function associated with your department or chartstring.

Prorated Expense Calculator

Job Codes with D-Level Accounts

Budget Checking Reference Sheet


Chartfield Values & Trees

System Chart of Accounts information page

Accounts - Budgetary from KK

Org Department

Fund Category




NOTE: Values in the P1110 Athletic Admin & Activities range may only be used by Athletics.




Gifts, Endowments & Sponsorships

Fund Category and Gift Fund Cheat Sheet

Gifts & Endowments - Fund Category & Fund Chart - Identifies the appropriate Fund Category for each type of endowment or non-endowed gift. Provides an explanation on endowments.

External Sponsorships: Gift vs. Non-Gift Revenue - Identifies when a sponsorship is or isn't considered a gift. Please contact the Office of Advancement at to request a copy of a Gift Processing Form or for questions regarding the appropriate treatment of an external sponsorship.


Cash Handling Controls Documents

Cash Handling Authorization Form - Must be completed annually. E-sign in Adobe Acrobat or print.

Cash Controls Reference Sheet

Cash Handling ProceduresTemplateand Example

Gift Card Procedure


General Instructions

UNT 3rd Party Payment Setup Instructions - Provides guidance on completing external vendor setup forms including contact information for obtaining a W9 or for assistance with setting up electronic payments. 


Procedural Documents

Procedure for Segregation of Duties

Establishing Auxiliary Enterprises