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In this training, users will learn general payroll information regarding salary savings, other payroll related costs, and useful ePar tips to assist with timely processing. Users will also be introduced to the Cognos Department Payroll Detail Report.  At the end of this training,  users will be able to:

1. Understand the 4 different ePar types and when to use each type,

2. Identify the differences between centrally and non-centrally funded chartstrings,

3. Understand the concept of Central Salary Savings and identify which chartstrings and positions create Central Salary Savings,

4. Be able to identify the differences in how Permanent savings and Temporary savings are created,

5. Be able to identify to which transactions Permanent Savings and Temporary savings can be applied, and

6. Be able to effectively run the Payroll Transaction Detail report to perform research.


Who Should Attend?
Beginner to Intermediate users who manage payroll