How do I update an Org Dept Holder?

Org Dept and Non-Sponsored Project Holder Changes - Please email the Budget Office and include the following:

1. Carbon Copy the current holder and the new holder. If the current holder is no longer with the University, then the current holder's supervisor should be copied on the request.

2. Include the Org Dept Number and Name (or Project Number and Name).

3. Include the Names and 8-digit Empl IDs of both the current and new holders.

4. Indicate the effective date of the change.

Sponsored Project Holder Changes - Please contact the Office for Grants and Contracts Administration (OGCA) to update NGRCT, grant holders.

What are Salary Savings?

Salary savings are accumulated for staff salaries on chart strings that include the following fund cat/fun combinations:

fund cat    fund

105             800001   State

105             805001   State

200             830001   Designated Tuition

Are Salary Savings carried forward from year to year?

Salary savings are not carried forward from year to year.

If a department has salary savings, can those $ be carried over to a new fiscal year? For example, a department has a vacancy that is in the recruitment process that crosses over 9/1, for which they have requested to retain $5K over entry based on the former incumbent’s salary. How does the department ensure that the additional $5K that was approved is carried over when the position is filled?

As long as the department submits a HRM-4 to retain the $ over entry, they will be able to access those funds in the next fiscal year. As a rule, salary savings do not carry over from one fiscal year to the next. The HRM-4 should be used to address the anticipated salary needs of the position so that the Budget Office can verify funding. If the department feels they are hiring under special circumstances then they should contact the Budget Office for assistance.

When a position vacates, does the Budget Office automatically sweep the position salary to entry?

If an employee is terminated the system automatically resets the position to entry and the Budget Office will do a budget entry to move the funds to salary savings. If an employee transfers to another position then we do not automatically reset the position to entry nor do we move funds to salary savings.

How do I end a position?

Process a HRM-4 to end a position.

What is the difference between permanent and temporary salary savings?

“Permanent” salary savings are obtained when a position is ended, a position that was budgeted above entry hires someone at a lower annual salary, or a position is reclassed down. Permanent salary savings can be used to fund equity increases, hire someone over entry, fund a new position, or reclass a current position.

“Temporary” salary savings are obtained from vacant positions. Temporary salary savings can be used for lump sum payouts, temporary employees, overlaps, and comp time payouts. These funds cannot be used to fund new positions, give equity increases, or hire someone over entry because at some point in the future you will fill that position and those funds will no longer be available for use.

Example: Jane has been in her position as an Administrative Coordinator I for 10 years and is now making $42,000 annually. Jane retires, the position is reset to entry, and is vacant for 3 months. Entry level for an Administrative Coordinator I is $30,000 annually.

Permanent Salary Savings = $12,000 ($42,000-$30,000)

Temporary Salary Savings = $7,500 [($30,000/12) x 3]